In this course, I have taken the makeup training videos from the subscription programme that are no longer available on the subscription plan. These makeup videos are from the February 2018, March 2018, April 2018 and May 2018 collection. This course assumes that you are already a makeup artist or makeup enthusiast and familiar with the basics of bridal makeup application. If you are a beginner, the 'Asian Bridal Makeup 1' course would be a more suitable training product for you.

This course, gives you a variety of different colour combinations, and eye makeup techniques that are currently trending the asian bridal industry.  Learn these detailed makeup looks to help you to create any look that your bride desires.  These lessons take you step by step through the whole makeup application process so you get to watch every precise motion to achieve each bridal look to perfection.   You will learn how to create symmetrical eye brows, contouring and highlighting, how to create a precise lips as well as many tips and tricks. 

This course is aimed at the makeup artist or enthusiast, looking for more inspiration in bridal makeup and to learn new techniques and different ways of makeup application. 

As Picasso once said ‘Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’... 


  • • 8 Video Tutorials in HD
  • • Lifetime Access To The Course
  • • Downloadable & Streamable Files
  • • Accessibility via your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop


1.  Smokey Purple Glitz   | 

2.  Sparkly Red Eyes   | 

3.  Berry Bridal Makeup   | 

4.  Dramatic Cutcrease Makeup   | 

5.  Brick Red Blown Out Bridal Makeup   | 

6.  Spotlight Bridal Makeup   | 

7.  Rajistani Sultry Eyes   | 

8.  English Rose bridal Makeup   | 


I have been an ‘Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist’ for over a decade now and have been teaching for over 6 years. Having acquired the skills and techniques needed to create wow-factor bridal makeup, I will impart upon you all the knowledge that I have gained during this time and hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams and create a successful career in the industry too.

I cannot stress enough the importance of self empowerment and surrounding yourself with positive people. I believe it to be the key to my success and what has led me to becoming an expert in my field.

The more open, I have been to feedback, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo...the more l have grown, developed and ultimately MASTERED!

T H E   L O O K