What is the Subscription Collection?  On the 14th Of February Artipedia launched the Subscription Training Programme.  Every month 6 new in depth training videos are released over the course of the month. 4 of these videos are in Bridal Hairstyling and 2 of these are in Makeup Application.  On the 14th of every month a new monthly collection is released.

This subscription plan is designed for the experienced Hair/ Makeup Artist that is looking to develop their skill set.  These Videos are longer and in more depth than those available on social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube.  It is designed to teach, in detail, how to do every style and look, step by step so you are not second-guessing how to do the steps in between.  Why is this beneficial?  It gives you fast, thorough and detailed information to help you progress as an artist faster, so you can master your skills.  It broadens your knowledge and skill set so that you can also cater for the varied requests of your clients, which in turn can increase your customers. These videos add more to your creative belt in the hope to inspire you further with your own creativity.  These videos are not designed for the beginner.  The Asian Bridal Hair Course 1 and the Asian Bridal Makeup Course 1 are suitable for the beginner and will give you the foundations for the training in the subscription programme.

If you would like to subscribe to the collection, your subscription will start from the monthly collection that is most recently released.  You can not view previous months collections unless you have subscribed in that month.  So if you have seen a style you want to learn, subscribe now to get a full lifetime access to it, before it is no longer available. 

If you would like to subscribe to the monthly plan  and receive a minimum of 6 in depth training videos in hair and makeup, then simply hit the subscribe to collection button. You get 4 Hair videos and 2 makeup videos for only £12 per month. 

Thats an amazing £2 per video.Once you have subscribed to this plan, you can download them and access the videos anytime, anywhere. 
If there is a style or look that you want to gain access to from a previous month, you can still gain access by buying the video individually at £10 per video. 

Get certified by ARTIPEDIA when you subscribe. Certification is provided by assessment of 20 recorded videos over the course of 12 months.At Artipedia, we are committed in bringing you training in the most sought after and trending styles. We are always keen to hear your suggestions and love to hear which styles you want to learn. You can contact us on any of our social media platforms or direct message us at info@artipedia.com  



Individually buy any video for £10



Subscribe and receive 6 videos per month*



Individually buy any video for £10


This beautiful half up half down hair tutorial will teach you how to do this pulling technique, and how to position each section of your curls to create this mermaid like style. This style one of the most requested hairstyles for brides for their civil event, mehndi event or even their Reception. This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchased

£10.00 GBP

Learn how to create these smokey eyes and ensure that the glitter stays on for the whole event, leaving the rest of the face, fresh and flawless. This tutorial takes you through every step of makeup application in depth. This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchased.

£10.00 GBP


Learn how to create these waves that sit on the bridal bun using natural hair. These season brides are looking for bun detailing techniques that are done with natural hair whether its using extensions or the clients own hair. This hairstyle is so glam and regal, it can make the hair look a million dollars.This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchased.

£10.00 GBP


Mixing it up with red on the eyes and nude on the lips, learn how to create this statement glittery eye make up look, and how to apply full bridal makeup in detail. This training video will go step by step into the full application including how to create symmetrical brows, how to contour brows and how to contour and highlight the face. This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchasing it.

£10.00 GBP


Learn how to create this Bohemian updo for those brides that love a more softer natural look. This technique shows you how to create subtle lines in the hair to create a style that looks very textured. This style can work for a party, a reception, a white wedding or even a traditional indian or pakistani wedding. This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchasing it.

£10.00 GBP


Learn how to do these pulled out twists that look like fish braids, complimented with two beautiful roses at the back made with the clients own hair. This look has a very carefree, boho feel, but add some sparkly gems and this hairstyle can also look very glam. A very pretty hairstyle that is perfect for a party, wedding reception or a white wedding. This video is fully downloadable and yours to keep once purchasing it.

£10.00 GBP

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