The classic rose hairstyle is this seasons bridal trend. In this video you will learn the correct formation of the Rose and how to create a clean and very defined Rose. You will not only learn the classic rose, you will also how you can create smaller and softer roses that can be incorporated in various different updos.This course teaches you the classic rose, the high bun with smaller roses and a low side do with softer roses. As well as learn these variations of the rose, you also get two bonus videos. In the bonus videos we look as how you can vary the high bun to create soft and textured barrel curls and also how to create a large bun without the use of a donut and how to create softer roses to save time. 

This course is ideal for the beginner, the hair enthusiast and the artist looking to learn new and different techniques. As hair is an art, learning other artists methods only broadens your creative abilities and opens you up to more ways of thinking.  

Tools Required:Medium Hold Hairspray(Keune High Impact SprayKeune High Gloss Spray)DonutHair Grips and U Pin32mm Curling Iron.


  • • 3 video lessons in HD
  • • 2 Exclusive Bonus Videos
  • • Lifetime access to the course
  • • Downloadable and Streamable files
  • • Accessible on mobiles, tablets and desktops


1.  The Classic Rose   | 

2.  The High Bun With Roses   | 

3.  The Softer Rose Do   | 


Bonus Video 1: High Bun With Textured Barrels  

Bonus Video 2: High Bun With Softer Roses  


I have been an ‘Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist’ for over a decade now and have been teaching for over 9 years. Over the last three years my passion for Russian Hair techniques has grown tremondously. I have trained regularly with some of the most renowned stylists in the world including Georgiy Kot.  Having acquired the skills and techniques needed to create wow-factor bridal makeup, I will impart upon you all the knowledge that I have gained during this time and hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams and create a successful career in the industry too.

I cannot stress enough the importance of self empowerment and surrounding yourself with positive people. I believe it to be the key to my success and what has led me to becoming an expert in my field.

The more open, I have been to feedback, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo...the more l have grown, developed and ultimately MASTERED!

T H E   L O O K