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Following on from Asian Bridal Hair 2,3 and 4, this collection gives you 16 more advanced Russian hairstyles.  This course assumes that you are already a hair artist or hair enthusiast and familiar with the basics of bridal hair dressing.  If you are a beginner, the 'Asian Bridal Hair 1' course would be a more suitable training product for you.

The videos in this course use more advanced techniques.  We have fused techniques from Russia with Asian Bridal to give techniques which are on trend.  This techniques are more soft, more elegant and more precise.  Although they appear to be easier to do they are more complex and require more attention to detail and precision. 

This course is ideal for the artist looking to broaden their skill set so they can cater for the varied requests of clients.  

This course is ideal for the hair enthusiast and the artist looking to learn new and different techniques. As hair is an art, learning other artists methods only broadens your creative abilities and opens you up to more ways of thinking

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