Waves and Curls Online Masterclass

Waves and Curls Online Masterclass

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It used to be the infamous hollywood wave that the bride would tend to go for at one of their wedding events.  Now there are multiple types of waves all with a completely different way to achieve the wave.  Its not whether wave is defined or soft but also the size and the thickness of the curl and the way in which it falls.   Brides tend to want to try something different for a downstyle and want to know what their options are whether its a a curl or a wave.  

Join this online masterclass, and you will learn the classic hollywood wave, the soft wave using three different techniues, beachy waves, big bouncy blow out curls and voluminous curls.  learn how to prep the hair to achieve a voluminous and clean finish at the end. 

Get access to 8 online videos that you can watch on a private instagram video in real time. Nothing is sped up or editted, so you can see the full style from start to finish.



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