Videos from the previous months are no longer available on the monthly subscription plan. 

 If you would like to subscribe to the monthly plan and receive a minimum of 6 in depth training videos in hair and makeup, then simply go to the current month's collection and hit the subscribe to collection button. You get 4 Hair videos and 2 makeup videos for only £12 per month. 

 Thats an amazing £2 per video.Once you have subscribed to this plan, you can download them and access the videos anytime, anywhere.You can only subscribe to videos from the month you decide to start. Collections from previous months are no longer available to view on the subscription plan unless you buy them individually.

   Get certified by ARTIPEDIA when you subscribe. Certification is provided by assessment of 20 recorded videos over the course of 12 months.At Artipedia, we are committed in bringing you training in the most sought after and trending styles. We are always keen to hear your suggestions and love to hear which styles you want to learn. You can contact us on any of our social media platforms or direct message us. 



Individually buy any video for £10



Subscribe and receive 6 videos per month



Subscribe for the full year, receive 72 videos

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